Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Blog for the Serious Gardener or Solar Enthusiast!

I am a big fan of self-sustainability, if such a thing even exists.  I want to grow my own food (lots of it) all year around.  I would also love to do it with a minimum of fertilizer and water.  Not that water is especially scarce where I live, but it can get expensive.  At my old house in Easton, PA, using a hydroponic system, I was able to maintain a 60 sf garden on 5 gallons of water per week during the heat and dry of August, and all of that water was collected in my rain barrel.  Not a drop came out of the hose that summer, and I got a good amount of delicious produce, although it was just a small experimental garden. 

My new greenhouse will be a dome.  After seeing the one at the Rodale Institute in action, I just had to have one! This is my second homemade greenhouse after my first attempt at urban gardening.  With a new home in the country, I have more space for a  bigger greenhouse!  This one will be about 18 feet in diameter.

Another extremely important requirement is heat retention.  I want to be efficient with both water and energy, and the greenhouse must not freeze even during the coldest of days in January.  After considerable research, I have settled on an insulated foundation with a subterranean air heating system.  For this I will need to dig to our 36" frost line.

I have the excavator ordered for delivery this Saturday, but I have no idea how I am going to dig a round foundation to line with pink board.

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