Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cutting of Hubs and Struts, Dome Assembly

Wow that was a ton of cutting!  The strut hub connectors went pretty quickly, just by cutting out rectangles and doing the angles with a miter saw.  I decided to go with pentagons and hexagons with a 3.5" radius.
The angles of a pentagon are 108 degrees, or 18 from the flat side on the saw.  The angle of the cuts for the hexagon is 30 degrees.

To draw a pentagon, you need to be handy with a compass, but you can do a quick Internet search to see how it works.

 I just set all the pieces up of the left and a trash can on the right and got into a rhythm.  It's important to keep concentrating, and stop for a break when you get tired.  All my injuries and close calls were the result of being tired and impatient.

I ripped down the six-way connectors to make the four-way connectors.

And here is the exciting part!  Building with geodesics.  I can tell already this is going to be tricky, especially doing it alone.  Two people wouldn't have enough hands to hold, clamp, adjust and fasten. 


  1. this looks like a great system using wood for the connectors. I plan on building a dome when snow clears here in Carolina - thanks for the details in this blog.

  2. At last! Thank you for the great information.