Monday, March 19, 2012

Going Up Quickly Now

I had some trouble in the beginning getting the struts to line up right, then I realized that you have to push or pull on each hub section pretty hard.  It also helps to have some pretty strong quick grip clamps, not the Harbor Freight model.  Since the angle cuts aren't perfect, I don't think they will ever fit together like a jigsaw, but a 1" margin of error isn't so bad.

I only cut out half of the struts.  I did this on purpose in case I get close to the top and need to change some of the lengths.  Hopefully I will be able to stay true and keep cutting the lengths according to plan.

I just realized that I never gave credit to a fantastic resource for designing a geodesic dome: is what gave me the technical inspiration to turn this crazy Epcot idea into a reality!

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