Monday, March 5, 2012

I could use some help sizing solar elements!

Comments welcome, PLEASE!

I know that I want everything to be PV powered.  No AC, no extension cords if I can help it.  Here is the list of items I would like to run:

-Pond aerator, 12V 3 amp (36W), running 24/7
-Solar Collector circulator pump, 12V 3 amp (36W), running during sunlight hours, max 9hrs/day
-Pond waterfall pump (hydro system), 12V 4 amp (48W) running periodically throughout day, total time 1hr/day
-Inline fan for subterranean heating system, 12V 5A (60W) running mostly during daylight hours, then when temp gets near freezing, maybe 2-5 hours/day off battery
-Three 5W LED lights, max 5 hours/day

The pond aerator, the waterfall pump and the lamps will need to run off battery when the sun isn't out.  For that reason I think I will need a deep cycle battery, but I really have no idea how to size it.  I also don't know what size PV panel I should get, or if I should get more than one.  I figure that I should be able to run everything through the battery and have the PV panel charge the battery.  I don't really know how any of that will be hooked up either.

I think I will be safe with two 100W solar panels and two 100Ah deep cycle batteries.  But will I need other components? Regulators?  A circuit panel?  Having trouble finding this info.
I have plenty of time to think about it while I construct my greenhouse, but I'm getting close!

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