Sunday, September 30, 2012

Temporary filter for pond

The pond water is getting very cloudy from algae.  I set up this bucket with large stones at the bottom, gravel in the center and Hydroton rocks at the top.  I also saved some of the rabbit-chewed romaine plants from the garden and set them in the hydroton.  We'll see how the pond water works for aquaponics as it stands right now and whether the plants and filter can help clear the water until I get a proper system set up.


  1. Do a search for skippy pond filter. I think you will have better luck clearing the water with something like that, and when every you back flush the filter to clean it out the water can be used for your plants.

  2. Now why didn't you send me that before I went and cut a hole in the bottom of my bucket?! Just kidding. This bucket is actually a version of the bato bucket for hydroponic tomato production. I thought I would experiment with different media in a natural gravity filter.

    My permanent filtration system will look a lot like the Skippy Junior. Thanks for the link!

  3. I like the use of a bato bucket for filtration, the only problem is the media. Due to the size of the media, water is just going to channel through it via the least path of resistance. I don't foresee it having much impact on water clarity. But... You could combine the Bato and Skippy junior together, I think that would be pretty sweet. Just my 2 cents

  4. You are definitely right about the channeling of water straight down. I was hoping to get the perfect plend of sand, stone, roots, and dirt that it would start to trickle through. Only time will tell. On the thought of combing batos and filter, just wait to see what I have planned!

  5. Personally I wouldnt set up any sort of "temporary" filter for the pond, simply for the fact that it can take a while for it to "mature".

    BY this we mean for the filter to collect and harness all the "good" bacteria which is required for cleansing the pond water.

    1. Agreed. I shouldn't have called it a temporary filter. It was more of an experimental aquaponics bucket that would hopefully help clarify the water. It didn't work for either application.

      In your experience, how long does it take a bio filter to mature? My current filter has been installed for a couple months and I have seen no improvement in water clarity.