Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thanks to my first follower!

I have been wondering if anyone was returning to see what I was up to!  If there are any more of you out there, rest assured that I am working as fast as my budget will allow.  Each month, I allot myself a certain small amount to buy supplies and then get straight to work, so you can see lots of progress in the beginning of each month, but considerable tapering after the 15th when I am broke again!

I will post immediately when I have something new to report, I promise.  Tomorrow I may find time to fit the door, then I should be all sealed up.

Oh and if you like what your reading, share a comment or hit the follow button!  I know a lot of your have your own stories in the off-grid lifestyle and I would love to know about it!


1 comment:

  1. Hello, I'm your first follower, at least I assume I am that person, I am following you now :)

    I'm Treasuregift from the forum, I am the moderator there. I find what you are doing so refreshing, there are so many people who want to do things and ask lots of questions but never actually take the plunge and DO IT. You are taking the plunge and actually doing something. Thanks for posting your questions and link on that forum.

    My hubby and I have lived off grid since Dec '07, it's all on my blog, I'll link to your blog and might even write a blurb about ya, try to get some more traffic for you.