Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Went to the quarry today

If you have a truck and a quarry nearby, it is definitely worth it to buy from them!  I paid $10 a ton for 2A modified stone compared to $25 at the garden center.  Plus it was a cool experience watching a working quarry do its thing.  If you want a prettier decorative stone, then the quarry might not be the place to go.  I am lucky enough to have a place about a mile from my house that sells gray:  small, medium, large and some mixtures.  Give them a call before you go to see what the rules are and if they sell small amounts to homeowners.  In my state (PA) they ask for your vehicle/trailer registration and see what your GVWR is, then they will only load you according to what the tare weight comes out to.  Rules are probably similar in most states.

I can't wait to take my son here!  With all the books he has with giant loaders and dump trucks, plus his fascination with any toy tractor or Tonka truck, he would love to see the real things.  Maybe in a few years when he can ride in my front seat...

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