Sunday, October 28, 2012

The hurricane approaches!

I hope my dome doesn't roll away.  The eye of the storm might pass right over my town!  Apparently this hurricane is unprecedented for several reasons: path, temperature, time-of-year, maybe more.  People around here are pretty freaked out.  The home centers are packed worse than I've ever seen.  Here in southeastern PA, we have always bragged about our weather.  No extremes.  No fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, cyclones, droughts, blizzards, poisonous animals, mudslides, you get the idea.  We do have all of these, of course, but nothing extreme enough to worry about.  Ice storms can leave us without electricity because trees fall on the power lines, but that's usually the worst of it.  But now we have a hurricane about to make landfall in New Jersey?!?  Unbelievable.  Nobody is really sure what will happen, and you can't really trust the news because they always scream crisis, but the general consensus is that it's going to be bad.

The preparations I have made for the dome are to shut the valve on the rain collection system.  I didn't even have to do that.  Basically, there are no preparations to make.  I am a bit concerned that the film covering will blow off.  We will see.

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