Friday, November 30, 2012

Update on the hubs

So I saw that my most-visited post was how I fashioned the struts and hubs.  It's not surprising that everyone wanted to see how I did this.  When I was researching this project, the hub assembly was the only thing I couldn't figure out. Prior to this design, other options were to buy pre-fabricated metal hubs or try to make them myself.  The wood version was much cheaper and easier...

After 6 months or so, everything seems to be holding together fine.  Still no heavy snow to really test the strength, but normal expansion and contraction and dampness has not hurt any of the struts that I can see.


  1. Funny you mention this, as this was what brought me to your page. I had envisioned a similar hub plate; circular rather than the specific type (hex/penta/quad) with the same arrangement of cutting the strut ends to make the struts and hub flush. Then I found your page! LOL. Glad to see my idea (already) works!

  2. Yes, so far the hubs are holding strong. No real snow load to mention, but everything is still nice a tight. I thought of circular hubs, but miter cuts are easier than circles, unless you can devise a faster way to cut them. I imagine they would work the same, but I spoke to the people at growing spaces and they reported that sometimes the hubs rotate during construction and throw off the measurements. The flat edges of pents and hexes definitely prevented this. Just my experience! Good luck and send some pics!