Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter growables

I found a good list of cold-weather crops to try next year.  To credit the source, here is a link to the University of Missouri article on winter greenhouse growing.

Leafy greens             Vegetables                Flowers
Arugula                             Beet                    Calendula
Chard                            Bok choi              Johnny jump-up
Cilantro                          Broccoli              Linaria (Toadflax)
Collards                     Broccoli raab                 Pansy
Cornsalad (Mache)        Cabbage
Cress                              Carrot
Dandelion                         Kale
Endive                              Leek
Escarole                          Onion
Lettuce                         Pak choi
Mizuna                              Pea

I have already proven lettuce production in cool weather, but now that night temps are at freezing or below, crops are growing very slowly.  Since I am still in construction mode, I am not set up for a good attempt at winter growing, but my pots are doing OK.

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