Sunday, April 7, 2013

Difference between compost and mushroom soil in lettuce growth

I didn't set out to experiment the effectiveness of using mushroom soil, but the results are already coming in.  There is a huge difference with the Romaine.  The following are all from the same stock, started about a month ago under lights in Jiffy trays.

First, romaine in a 6 in. pot filled with sifted garden compost.  Pretty normal. Plant is about 10" high and growing strong.

The second is in half compost and half mushroom.  You can see that is is much darker and isn't growing up the way it should. About half the size of the one above. Outer leaves are 5" long.

Now we have pure mushroom in the raised beds.  Very dark and stunted.  These plants are only about 4" high and leaves are deformed.

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