Saturday, June 1, 2013

My attempt at copying DFH 60 minute IPA

 I hate the term clone.  That word should only be used for sheep and Star Wars storm troopers.

This is a 10 gallon all-grain batch:

25 lb two-row malt
1.5 lb Thomas Faucett amber malt
.5 lb Victory malt (optional, but I have to add it. I love it so much!)
1 oz warrior hops
.5 oz simcoe whole-leaf hops
1.5oz amarillo hops
4 oz cascade hops
     All hops mixed together, separated into 13 equal parts (about 3 T. each) and continuously added every 5 minutes during boil.
Safale-04 in one fermenter
Safale-05 in the other fermenter (I will see which gets me closer to the dfh)

Dry hop:
.5oz amarillo
.5oz simcoe whole leaf
3oz cascade
    All hops mixed together and split between 2 fermenter buckets.

Brewing went off without a hitch.

Mashed with 6.75 gallons water at 154.  At the end of the mash the temp had dropped to 148.
Sparged with 12 gal. at 170.  The grain absorbed nearly 4 gallons!

Total boil volume ended up about 14 gal. and 1.5 gal was lost during boil, then another 2 gal lost in the bottom of the keggle as hop sludge, for a total of 11.25 into primary fermenters.

The keggle and Bayou Classic burner performed flawlessly and used up maybe a 1/2 tank of propane.  It boiled quickly and I was able to keep a nice rolling boil for the hour.

I hooked my wort chiller coil up to the garden hose.  It took longer than I had read, but in the end cooled the wort down to 75 in about 45 minutes. The spent water was used to irrigate my gardens, and the spent grains went into the compost pile for next year!

As my brother said, there was a lot of re-purposing going on with this project, exactly the way I like it!

Original gravity was 1.058, dead on to give me the ABV I'm looking for.

12 hours after the yeast pitch, the buckets are bubbling nicely!

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