Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tatume squash watermelon and cantaloupe

These guys seem to love the heat.  I always suspected the melons needed it hot, and this is proving to be true.  The squash does wilt a bit in the heat of day, but is growing strong.

I have already picked a squash.  Even at baseball size, they already have large seeds inside.  If you like that texture, great, but I will be hollowing them out before I cook them next time.

Oh another note on the squash:  I have needed to pollinate them with a paint brush.  The bees are not finding their way into the greenhouse despite having 2 vents open 24/7.  The flowers are closed by 9 am so I need to rush out there and pollinate.  I have lost a lot of fruit in figuring this out!

Here are the melons.   The watermelons (left vine) are still catching up and have a few flowers, but the cantaloupes (right 2 vines) have developed 2 fruits:

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