Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A word about Malabar Spinach: INCREDIBLE!

Here it is the end of July, and I am still enjoying a steady supply of beautiful, tender spinach leaves that are now growing faster than I can eat them!  Although it is not a true spinach but a vine, the taste is spot on and the texture may be better.  Some of the lower leaves are 8-10 inches in diameter but are as tender as the newest leaves.  I make make some pigs in blankets or tamales out of them!  The older leaves even have a delightful sour flavor to them, but no bitterness.  Here's the kicker: it has been nearly 100 degrees for the past weeks in my greenhouse and the spinach just grows stronger!  I have read that this stuff loves the heat and it's no lie, but to remain unchanged in flavor when other lettuces are long gone to seed in unbelievable.  I encourage everyone to plant this stuff.  If you have a fence, let it cover it.  Apparently it will reseed itself for next year, too.

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