Sunday, July 7, 2013

DFH 60 Conclusions

Well, it came pretty darn close with flavor, but nowhere near the quality of the original.

The Safale-04 (dry english ale yeast) came closer than the 05 which had more west-coast flavor.

 If I were to modify the recipe, I would replace some of the 2-row malt with a few more pounds of Faucett amber.  I would also add about 4 oz of hops to the original boil and a couple to the dry hop.  This, of course, would add substantially to the cost of the beer, but it would give you a better quality brew

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it, but it was not flawless.

1 month later, Aug 7:  The hop flavor and bitterness has mellowed out.  I should have put in about a half pound of additional hops to get close to the DFH caliber.  I definitely respect those guys down in Delaware; they know how to design a great beer.

4 months after bottling, Nov 7:  It seems that a nice long aging in the basement has done this beer some good.  It is nice and clear, and definitely has good pale ale qualities. I wouldn't dare call it DFH or even an IPA, but it is good beer for the low price of $10 a case!

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