Saturday, September 7, 2013

I am now building a basement root cellar and lagering cave

I needed to repair this leaky window and I have the space, so I figured I would get started on some cold storage.  I know I will probably  soon need more, but a 4x4 footprint fits my budget.  When all is done, I figure that it should cost me around $150.

Here is the old basement window that I plan to use for air exchange.

 I pulled out the old cover and added this plywood with 2 four-inch holes.

I am planning to use the back wall as part of the structure. You can see that I will need to work around the sewer pipe. 

1st wall. 

 You can see that I have to also work around some low-hanging radiant pipes.

Two galvanized stove pipes fitted with some 1/2" screen. 

I probably should have left a bit more overhang so I could connect the tubes more easily.  Oh well, it will work.
 The door frame will sit up off the floor about 18" for better insulation.

Here are all the shelves I plan to have.

Rather than fit a roof with plywood, I decided to just use rigid insulation.

Here is my simple design for an air exchange system.

Just a sliding piece of plywood...

That controls the size of the exchange holes pretty nicely.

And here it is installed.  The idea is to allow cold air in the right side, into the tube and fill the bottom of the cellar.  The left side will allow the warmer air on top to escape.  

And here is the door installed.

I added a few stops to add pressure for a tighter seal.

The only thing it still needs is another can of spray foam and some thermometers.  Fingers crossed!

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