Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet potatoes!

These are not from the greenhouse, they came from the outside garden

Ok, so I couldn't stand it any longer and I just had to dig them up, even though the sources I read said to wait until as close to frost as possible.  I got a four gallon bucket full.  Many are quite small, but a good number are respectable to large in size.  They are delicious.  I read that you should cure them for several days in 85 degree temps and 85% humidity before cold storage.  I have them spread out on my increasingly versatile compost screen in the greenhouse that is creating the perfect environment.

You can sort of see that this variety has a pinkish color to the skin.  The inside is a deep orange and the flesh has a firmer texture when fresh-picked then cooked.

The only negative is that the skins are deeply pitted on nearly all of them.  I suspect this is from the very firm and rocky soil that they were growing in.  I have read that sweets do well in sand (like many root vegetables) and that's why they are popular in the South Atlantic region.  

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