Saturday, November 16, 2013

A note on brewing with fresh hops: caution!

A few posts back, I reported on adding fresh-picked green hops from my vines to a porter or black ipa.  I had read that you need to use a lot of fresh hops to achieve desired bitterness so I added a gallon of fresh hops to my 13 gallon batch of beer.  This proved to be WAY too bitter!  I don't really know how to measure IBU's but compared to other known brews it came out at a 70 or 80.  It was nearly undrinkable, but luckily I'm not too picky with my beer!  It just goes to show that a lot of the "expert" info on the web is just theory (which made sense at the time) but not true in my experience.

Next year, I will be adding 1/2 gallon for 60 minutes, then a cup or two during the last five minutes for flavor and aroma.

You may ask why I am not weighing my hops, especially since all recipes call for certain measured weights of hops in ounces.  These suggested weights are for dried hops pellets or whole flowers, and does not account for the water weight of the "wet" fresh hops that I am using.

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