Sunday, November 17, 2013

Conclusions on greenhouse growing after 1 full season

Remember that these conclusions are based on plant performance in 100% mushroom soil with late additions of compost and topsoil.

Squash - grew well vertically on lines but became a breeding ground for stink bugs.
Peppers, green and chile - Outstanding performance, constant harvest from June to present.
Tomatoes - Early harvest (June 12) but very thin plants and just a few small fruit.  I suspect      undernourishment.  Perhaps a variety more suited for greenhouse production.
Malabar Spinach - Out of control!  With just a small bed of mushroom media and minimal daily watering,  loved the heat and grew right through the roof.
Sweet potatoes - Like the malabar spinach, I had to be careful to train the vines away from the plastic  glazing and soft membrane material, otherwise it would push right through.  Vines trained vertically, 2-3 lb potatoes produced.
Bonsai, tropicals and evergreens - The humidity of the greenhouse kept the soil moist with less watering.  Excellent growth.
Melons - The best I've had so far, also trained vertically, but I suspect more water and compost would grow  them huge!
Garlic - planted last fall, grew slowly all winter and had full-sized bulbs very early in Spring.
Lettuce - Did not like mushroom media. Better outside.

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