Saturday, March 30, 2013

Green peppers transplanted to greenhouse bed

I started some California Wonder green bell peppers in early March under lights in my basement.  They are about 3" high right now and I thought I would put a bunch in the greenhouse.  Here they are freshly transplanted.

Onions raised from seed

Last fall I planted a flat of onion seeds and let them go in the greenhouse all winter.  About 100 little onion plants were growing in the flat when I separated them yesterday, and this morning I started planting them.  There are some red but mostly white Stuttgart onions, my favorite.  As I have never raised onions from seed, I will have to wait and see what happens with these. I put them all outside with the exception of 5 in the greenhouse bed.

Progress of potted plants

Here are some pics of the crops I have in the greenhouse:






The smart way to clear garden beds

All you need is time and a tarp.  This is not the fastest way, but as long as you aren't in a hurry you can save some energy clearing grass for a new raised bed.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Filling pots and beds!

I will keep planting as long as I have room! The pines and shrubs you see below are bonsai that I have been working on for a few years now.

 Below are some red onions, tomatoes and romaine planted in pure mushroom soil as an experiment.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some manual labor

  Here are the first two bins filled.  It took about a half truck load of mushroom soil to do what you see here.  I expect to pick up another yard before I'm finished. There was no easy way to do this but shovel in and shovel out.  Luckily mushroom compost is light and spongy, not like topsoil or even garden compost.  But I was tired after this and had to take a break.  
Notice the outlet tube from the sub heating system.  It blows right across the entry door.

Update on tomatoes

After some nights in the 20's, greenhouse tomatoes are doing fine.  I expect my first harvest in June! It feels great knowing that after 2 years of planning and 1 year of construction I will finally get to harvest food from my greenhouse!

Garden Bed Construction

I only needed a 2x8 cut into 16's, some joist hangers and a few landscaping spikes.  I think it should hold pretty well. I can't wait to fill it and start planting!

Notice the spike at the base of the well.  It should keep the dirt from pushing out on the bottom.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moved some veggies into the GH

I have transplanted some tomatoes and lettuce into large pots in the greenhouse.  We have some cold nights in the forecast for this week, but I want to see how they survive.  I'm sure the lettuce will be fine, but I am a little worried about the tomatoes. Not too big of a deal if they die.  I have more ready to go in the basement.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm about to build some beds

I just picked up 3 more window wells and some stuff to install them.  My plan is to pick up a load of soil next weekend and get the beds filled.  I need to start planting! More pics to come.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Note about hub strut construction for a flat base

A reader reminded me that I needed to discuss this:

When I assembled my struts, it involved a lot of muscle and an imperfect fit.  I knew that a 3V design would leave an uneven base, that is the first course would not sit perfectly on the base wall.  As it turned out, it wasn't a huge deal, but everything would have fit together better had I know about the Kruschke method.
Instead of 3 strut lengths, there are 4.  The resulting structure gives a flat base to mount.  For a little extra measuring, you will save a huge amount of aggravation and you will be happier with the end product, especially if you like things to fit perfectly. Check out Domerama (link above) for the calculator and assembly diagram.