Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some new vegetable varieties for this year:

I have a tray started in the basement already, mostly last year's lettuce, arugula, leeks, onions, turnips. Although the seeds are from 2013, I had nearly 100% germination.

I did save some Parris Island Cos romaine from a plant that I let turn to seed.  One plant yielded thousands of seeds and they are germinating well.

Some new things to try this Spring are:

  • Chinese Red Noodle Bean-apparently great for hot weather in greenhouse
Update: This grew wonderfully and very tasty
  • Datil chile pepper
Update:  This was the most prolific of the season, and VERY hot!
  • Deux Despagne/Spanish Mammoth bell pepper
Update: Both the plant and the peppers were huge! Won the spring farm show.
  • Annie’s Rainbow carrot mix
Update: Fair germination, not too tasty, will not grow again
  • Misticanza Salad mix
Update: Nice baby greens mix
  • Verde invierno lettuce - claims to be great in the cold hence the name
Update: We had a cool summer and these grew well outside through June and again in the fall right up til heavy frost.  Definitely a winner!
  • Pasilla Bajio chile pepper
Update:  Not good for anything except drying and grinding.
  • Rouge Vif d’Etampes pumpkin (Cinderella pumpkin, last year I grew a fairytale)
Update:  These rotted on the vine.  Waste of space.  Not very attractive either.
  • Amish paste tomato
Update: Fair germination, good taste
  • Black Cherry tomato
Update: I had a 12-foot tall vine in the greenhouse.  Very sour!
  • Tomatillo verde
Update: 1 plant was all I needed.  Hundreds of tomatillos made delicious salsa verde.  Winner!
  • Amish Pie Pumpkin
Update: I only planted 1 hill of 4 vines.  3 failed and one produced a 50-pound monster.  It quickly rotted before Halloween, sadly.  Won't grow these again.
  • Baby Pam Pumpkin
Update: Nice, small pretty.  Small vines saved space.  Pumpkins were uniform and produced 2-3 per vine.  I did not eat them.

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