Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Schwartzbier recipe:

13 gallon primary
12.5 gallon secondary
og 1.064

12 lb Munich
10 lb Pilsner
1 lb Crystal 60L
1 lb Biscuit
.5 Carafa II dehusked
2 oz Hallertau FW
1 oz Magnum 60 min
1 oz Hallertau 15 min
Wyeast 2205 Bavarian lager
1 lb dark DME for yeast starter
1 gallon yeast starter, made the day before: boil 1 gallon water with DME for 15 minutes.  Chill quickly to 75 and pitch yeast.  Add equal amounts to two half-gallon growlers, add stoppers and air locks and ferment overnight at room temp.

20 min 130
Add boiling water to 135
20 min 135
Pull 1 gallon decoction boil then return
20 min 140
pull 1 gal decoction boil then return
20 min 145
pull 1 gal decoction boil then return
20 min 150
pull 1 gal decoction boil then return
1 hour 155
3 batches of 3 gal each 180 deg water, stir well, rest 30 min, drain to brew kettle
Continue sparging until brew kettle reaches 14 gallon.
60 min, follow hops addition above.
Chill to 75, pitch yeast starter.
Ferment 14 days at 45 deg.
Rack to secondary and continue cold ferment for one month.
Bottle, rest at room temp for one week, then return to cold storage.

Update 1/27/15:  Nearly a year later, I cracked one of these babies for a taste.  What a great beer.  It definitely fits the Schwarzbier profile but has a very strong malt aroma and flavor, thanks to the Bavarian yeast.  It is delicious for people who like dunkles, but you may want to use a Pilsen yeast.  The carbonation did get a little high after about 6 months, so make sure you measure carefully on a scale if you plan to age!

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