Friday, April 18, 2014

Review of 0016BL bike trailer vs Veelar bike trailer

Update May 4:  The Veelar traveled 20 miles this weekend with a 60lb load on smooth gravel and some off-road.  It pulled smoothly.  Very little resistance!

Here is the cargo trailer I bought and kept.  Veelar folding bicycle cargo trailer:

And below is the one I bought and promptly returned. 0016BL bicycle trailer.

Here's the review:  Although these two trailers are practically identical when looking at the pics, they have some pretty important differences.

I originally bought the 0016BL for one reason.  The most important factor to me was the claimed 180lb. cargo load rating.  The Veelar only has a 100# rating.

As it turned out, I believe the Veelar could be modified easily to carry more weight.

The 0016BL has many cons:
  • Difficult assembly/breakdown.  Removing/installing the wheels is more difficult than the Veelar due to poor design.
  • Inferior hitch system.
  • Uni-directional tires
  • Fork wheel mounting system is less efficient than Veelar.  The wheels slide in horizontally.
  • The one I bought was defective.  The wheel mount welds were in the wrong place, causing the tire to rub against the frame.
The Veelar has many pros:
  • Easy assembly/breakdown.  Wheel fork mounts are more convenient (vertical)and appear to be stronger than the 0016
  • Better hitch system
  • Better tires
  • The deck is plastic and therefore more resistant to scratching/water.  The 0016 deck will rust quickly with regular use.
  •  The deck can be removed.  It is held on by stainless screws and could be reinforced with a plywood deck or even sheet metal.
  • The rack system assembles tightly for less annoying rattling.

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