Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Early Review of Baker Creek Feher Ozon Paprika pepper

This was the first pepper I used this season.  After great germination, I now have more of these in my GH and garden than any other.  I started picking them while still light in color.

  • Early germination and rapid growth
  • Quick to flower
  • Short, stocky, sturdy plants
  • Good for container gardening
  • Prolific for their size (5-8 large pods in 1st wave)
  • Pods are upright and thick-walled
  • Amazing, powerful aroma and green bell flavor even when immature
  • No heat so far
  • Perfect in any recipe that calls for green bells
  • Very pale in color (not a problem as long as color isn't important to presentation)
  • Good for stuffing and general cooking needs

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