Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Kolsch Beer Recipe

This may be the best beer I have brewed yet!  Crisp, light, very drinkable and a fantastic toasty finish.
Also the one of the simplest beers ever!

Summer Kolsch
All grain
13 gallon primary
11 gallon secondary
22 lbs pale malt
2 lbs Briess special roast
3 oz cascade 60 minutes
Wyeast Kolsch 2625
Step mash with decoction (optional, 90 min at 155 would probably work fine):
20 min at 122
20 min at 133
20 min at 144
20 min at 155
Batch sparge at 170, 3 batches for 20 min each
5.5% abv

Note: This stuff fermented violently!  It overflowed the overflow tank and ran all over the basement.   Make sure you have an overflow for the overflow.

Update January 4: The first batch I bottled ended up way too carbonated.  Again, the highly active yeast.  For the second half, I toned the priming sugar back to 1/2 cup for 5.5 gallons and it came out just right. I also lagered it for a time, but didn't notice much difference.

 If you like light, simple, fruity, almost lemony beers, this is the one for you.  If you would like a bit more mouthfeel and flavor, I would add some crystal malt.  In my opinion, this recipe as-is really fits the BJCP style guidelines.

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