Monday, April 21, 2014

Beware of live poultry and SALMONELLA!

If you are currently raising those cute little chicks and ducks as an Easter time tradition, please be careful to avoid contaminating you and your loved ones!  According to my research, salmonella is a naturally occurring bacteria found in fowl, and special care should be taken to avoid infection.  Wash your hands, keep animals and litter away from food preparation areas, and only allow small children to handle chicks under supervision.  For more info visit the CDC at

Friday, April 18, 2014

Review of 0016BL bike trailer vs Veelar bike trailer

Update May 4:  The Veelar traveled 20 miles this weekend with a 60lb load on smooth gravel and some off-road.  It pulled smoothly.  Very little resistance!

Here is the cargo trailer I bought and kept.  Veelar folding bicycle cargo trailer:

And below is the one I bought and promptly returned. 0016BL bicycle trailer.

Here's the review:  Although these two trailers are practically identical when looking at the pics, they have some pretty important differences.

I originally bought the 0016BL for one reason.  The most important factor to me was the claimed 180lb. cargo load rating.  The Veelar only has a 100# rating.

As it turned out, I believe the Veelar could be modified easily to carry more weight.

The 0016BL has many cons:
  • Difficult assembly/breakdown.  Removing/installing the wheels is more difficult than the Veelar due to poor design.
  • Inferior hitch system.
  • Uni-directional tires
  • Fork wheel mounting system is less efficient than Veelar.  The wheels slide in horizontally.
  • The one I bought was defective.  The wheel mount welds were in the wrong place, causing the tire to rub against the frame.
The Veelar has many pros:
  • Easy assembly/breakdown.  Wheel fork mounts are more convenient (vertical)and appear to be stronger than the 0016
  • Better hitch system
  • Better tires
  • The deck is plastic and therefore more resistant to scratching/water.  The 0016 deck will rust quickly with regular use.
  •  The deck can be removed.  It is held on by stainless screws and could be reinforced with a plywood deck or even sheet metal.
  • The rack system assembles tightly for less annoying rattling.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A good link for info on basic hops varieties

Covers some of the most popular hops out there.  The list is short, with only 10 or so varieties, but that's a good thing if you have ever fallen asleep while studying hops characteristics.  I have!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moving tomatoes and peppers to greenhouse, everything growing nicely!

Here are some pics of the greens I have growing right now:

Iceberg in center, romaine at perimeter

Turnips and kale

Strawberries have started to flower.