Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recipe for Thanksgiving Pale Ale

10 gallons
All grain
OG: Unknown ( I broke my hydrometer just before reading) Estimated 1.06
Yeast starter: No
Mash: 60 min at 155
Boil: 60 min

25 lb Breiss 2-row
1lb honey malt
1 lb Crystal 20
1 lb crystal 80
.5 lb Kiln coffee malt
2 oz Warrior whole hops 60 min
2 oz Yakima Magnum pellets 60 min
2 oz Chinook whole 15 min
2 oz Chinook whole 5 min
1 oz Pilgrim pellets dry hop
1 oz Columbus pellets dry hop
Wyeast American Ale 1056

Notice the hop additions are indians and settlers...

After 7-day primary, I took a taste.  Nice hop profile, but light on the malt.  My typical issue.  Maybe use more crystal, maybe do a better sparge...


Monday, May 19, 2014

Aphids! How I am mitigating:

I hate them.  They reproduce like crazy and kill plants fast.  I think these are potato aphids. They have pink bodies and are devastating my tomatoes.

First I tried Bayer insecticidal soap. I emptied the entire spray bottle over the first two days, then the bug population quickly doubled, so I called Bayer for a refund and got some Neem oil from Lowe's.  It was a good bargain (a $10 bottle of concentrate makes about 20 gallons of spray) and appears to be slowly working.  I am spraying like crazy.  I figured I would give my best effort at organic pest control.