Sunday, January 4, 2015

Schwartzbier Recipe 2015!

Update 3/30: The judges at War of the Worts trashed it. I will try yet another yeast and more Vienna a crystal to please them.

Update 3/10: Not quite there yet, I can't call it a Kostritzer clone.  It is a little too weak on the mouthfeel.  Next time, I think I will cut some of the pilsner and add some vienna.

Update 1/25: I think I have done it.  I have cloned Kostritzer Schwartzbier! I just bottled it today and it still has to lager a while longer, but I have hit the flavor profile.  Light and crisp, no bitterness, no roasted or burnt flavors, beautiful black color and definitely a "blonde soul" and good malt/hops balance!  It does, however, have more than a hint of raisin, but it's pleasant. I am happy.

6.75 gallon primary
6.25 gallon secondary

11 lb Pilsner
2 lb dark munich
,5 crystal 20
.5 lb carapils
.5 lb caramunich
.5 lb debittered black
.25 lb carafa I
.75 oz Tettnang 90 minutes
1.75 oz Tettnang 5 minutes
Wyeast Pilsen Lager 2007

3 stage Decoction mash: 20 minutes at 122, 20 minutes at 144 and 60 minutes at 156.

Batch sparge for 1 hour.  70% efficiency is about as patient as I can be.

90 minute boil.


6.05 oz Light DME for priming.

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