Sunday, May 3, 2015

Plastic mulch is the way to go

This is an ingenious way to extend the growing season. Clear plastic, stretched and plowed in over a shallow valley, allows seeds to sprout and grow under row covers. Here is how they get a jump on the corn season in my town:
The green poking up is 5" corn below the mini greenhouse. I doing this next year!

I am just using regular black weed fabric as a barrier and to help warm the soil.

Peppers transplanted today. The 10-day forecast looks nice and warm, but I always start twice as much in case of a late frost. 
Update 5/19: the leaves nearest the bottom have all burned off! The black with the sunny days proved too hot even for the chiles. Solution is to cover with hay, grass or leaf mulch immediately after transplanting.

Tomato transplants planted in raised row with weed fabric and hay over top.

In another bed, I have planted the squash.

Once the hay is spread over, the leaves stay cool and the plastic is hidden. This is now a zero-maintenance garden!