Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The smart way to process tomatoes!

So I've been looking for an easier way to prepare my tomatoes for freezing. Forget canning, not for me! 
So for several years I have been doing the scald peel quarter seed chop technique and it is very time consuming.
This year I got smart and bought the kitchenaid vegetable strainer attachment. 

Amazing! Here is the first round of tomatoes, about 15 lbs:

No more boiling! Just chop the whole tomato into smaller chunks, throw them into the hopper, jam them down into the auger with the stick thing and the machine does the rest!
The purée comes out the bottom and the seeds skin and tough parts are forced out the front! Very little waste, no juice lost!

Then into the zip locks and trays for stacking in the freezer! I got these shallow trays with lids for free from the local fishmonger.