Cold Frames

Here are some simple cold frames I built out of a sheet of plywood and old windows.  They are about 4'x8' each and hold a lot of plants in early spring.  I places large stones in the back to help retain heat, and after 2 seasons I can say they are quite useful for acclimating plants that I start in my basement.
 I took the glass off the one on the left, and the one on the right is partially covered by 60% shade cloth.

These large 2-pane storm windows were quite a find and I wouldn't expect many people to be able to grab these on trash night.  Instead of 2 giant windows, 4 standard windows would also work well.

One window (on right) on each is fixed and serves also as part of the frame structure.  Other than that, just some 2x2x4 triangles of plywood and some 2x4's to hold it all together.  Notice the hinges at top.  They allow the left window to fold back com[pletely or be propped at varying heights.  

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