Compost Bin

It's actually not much of a bin but a processing center.  My compost is in piles to the right.  Closest to the bin is the oldest stuff.  I start with fresh waste on the right, then every couple of months I turn the pile over to the left.  After 3 turnings, the largest stems, roots and branches are very well decomposed and ready for the screen.

I use much more compost than can fit in a barrel or small cage.  I have also learned that screening compost can be back-breaking work.  So I designed and built this:

The screen box slides back and forth on rails and allows compost to fall into the wheelbarrow.  I used 1/2" mesh and find that it works perfectly.  Anything that doesn't fit through the screen gets returned to the pile to break down further.  Useable compost is stored to the left of the screening station.  Notice it is empty!  You can never have too much compost.

Here is a shot of the rail system.  I have no regrets with this set-up.  It all works perfectly.  It requires considerable space, but in the end I feel that I do less work for a better product.  I hope you like it!

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